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Sheila J.

I absolutely love my brows! Natalie is a perfectionist and a true artist!  She was very meticulous in achieving the right look and the result is very natural and beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend her!


Jordan G.

I always had soft , thin hair but had a lot of it so it never really bothered me that much until I started to lose my hair. I think I started to really notice it in my early 20s and it was a very difficult thing to accept. I tried to hold onto the small amount of hair remaining but one day made the decision to shave it all off. I felt a bit better about it but it was still obvious that I had a receding hairline and it bothered me. My wife mentioned that she knew a lady who’s husband specialized in a procedure called Scalp micropigmentation and I started doing some research on the procedure. I met with Bruce for a consultation and he was very professional and answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I have had 2 sessions and I already see a huge difference . It completely looks like my own hair ! I was blown away at how great it looks ! I would recommend Bruce to anyone in a heart beat. 

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Sharon H.

I am so pleased with my brows. I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie to anyone interested in Microblading. I was very nervous prior to the treatment but my experience was exceptional!

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Karli J.

I just had my eyebrows retouched after many years.. Natalie not only gave them a brand new shape, but she gave me my confidence back!
She not only explained every step but she listened to my needs as well. As I had a previous tattoo in the past, she took extra time to design a new and improved brow shape my face. The most perfect brow!
Her studio is very well organized clean and COVID friendly!
I am overjoyed with the end result, I can’t say enough on how happy I am.. this place is An overall hidden gem

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