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Meet Our Team

Natalie Burkett

Growing up, my family was the largest Bonsai growers in North America. For those who are not familiar with Bonsai, it is the intricate, ancient art of cultivating miniature trees to mimic full size trees in nature I have always been obsessed with makeup and esthetics as far as I can remember. I was fascinated  with trying different techniques to enhance one's natural beauty and I believe that my keen eye for balance and detail of bonsai translates directly to permanent makeup.

I work closely with my clients to achieve the most flattering shape and color for their brows, eyes and lips. I predraw the shape and will not begin the treatment until they are completely happy with what they see.

I personally understand the tediousness of having to draw in my brows every morning. I avoided pools and saunas in fear of my brows smearing down my face. I also hated having to reapply my lipstick 10X a day because my lips are so pale, I look like I don't have any lips at all without some kind of lipstick or tint. It has been a huge game changer for me and I am excited to work with you so you can say the same! 

I find the greatest satisfaction when I see the huge smiles on my client’s faces and I know that I have exceeded their expectations

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Bruce Burkett

Bruce Burkett, co-owner of  that he founded 5 years ago with his wife Natalie. Bruce is a fully certified and qualified Scalp Micropigmentation technician  He is fully dedicated to helping men and women regain their confidence through SMP and Hair Density treatments. As a former Fitness professional and wellness coach for over 15 years. Bruce has always understood and taken the upmost pride in helping folks reach their greatest potential both physically and emotionally.  He was excited to be able to direct his passion for people’s well being by making them feel confident in their skin through SMP.

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